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Alliansloppet is maybe the largest roller ski event in the world. It takes place in Trollhättan in Sweden every year in August.

The revolutionary ComfortskateS rollerskis

ComfortskateS says: "Our vision has always been to develop a rollerski that can be used to scate three wheels. A unique, revolutionary product has now been created". 

The ComfortskateS rollerski says Hello to all cross country skiers:

  • 98% ski similarity
  • Single wheel suspension
  • Adjustable Skiflex
  • Stability
  • Technically oriented cross-country training
  • Adaptable training intensity


Euroloppet ComfortskateS rollerski - testing campaign  

Test the ComfortskateS rollerski for one week at home - here

ComfortskateS - a new way of rollerskiing

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